Rosaline Tomsana

Aunty Rose hails from Kubin Village on Mua Island. She is Kaurareg woman and Kala Lagaw Ya speaker.

She has been interested in arts and craft from a young age and first learned embroidery and beading at the tender age of five years old.

Aunty Rose has delivered regular monthly beading workshops at the Gab Titui since 2017.  A left-hander, she has learned to quickly reverse patterns in her head when instructing.  Aunty Rose has also delivered workshops at Moa Arts, Horn Island, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) and Bond University on the Gold Coast.

Aunty Rose cites her son, 2010 Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award Winner Solomon Booth as inspiration and impetus to start sharing her arts and crafts knowledge with the community.

She loves to share both her Torres Strait and Aboriginal cultures with people from all nationalities. Aunty Rose says that during her workshops, her participants not only learn from her but that she also learns from them.