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Gab Titui Cultural Centre

Featured Artists

George 'Gegz' Gabey

Growing up in an artistic household, George Gabey has art in his blood. Today, he has solidified his own style and reputation within the Torres Strait arts industry.

His work revolves around nature, the land, sea and sky. Primarily working with acrylic on canvas, George’s work is eye catching and detailed.

George believes that it is important for our environment to be healthy so our children can continue to be proud of their identity and their inherited cultural practices.

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Wasie Tardent

Wasie Tardent is a cultural weaver, specialising in in natural fibre weaving and jewellery making. 

Aunty/Ama Wasie Tardent is renowned in the Torres Strait for her successful and fulfilling career in education. She is also known for her delicate weaving techniques.

She shares her skill and cultural knowledge through her art. Ama Wasie has received Commendations at the Gab Titui Indigenous Art Awards and has exhibited her works in the Gab Titui Cultural Centre Galleries.

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Louis 'Wilky' Fauid

Surrounded by art in his upbringing, Louis ‘Wilky’ Fauid believes that art runs in his blood. It is part of him and passed down from his ancestors.

He started practicing art in the 90’s and his work has always been inspired by his life experiences.

Wilky’s preferred medium is wood carving and he enjoys carving sculptures of land and sea totems.

Wilky's work has been displayed in the Gab Titui Cultural Centre galleries.

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Authentic Torres Strait & Aboriginal Art

Browse our full collection of 2D and 3D art from emerging, established and renowned Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal artists.

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Beautiful and interesting!

Sandy Castestino, Summit Canada

We love our artwork from the Gab Titui! Such a broad range of ceramics, sculptures, paintings and lino prints. Too many to choose from.  It's a beautiful space with the history of the Torres Strait reflected.

Dom & Dr Ineke, Thursday Island

Such a calming and inspirational space!

Minaira Fifita, Tonga


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22 Victoria Parade, Thursday Island QLD 4875

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