Gab Titui will always make every effort to respect Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people’s cultural sensitivities when featuring the images or names of people that are deceased. However, please be advised that this web site may contain images of persons who have passed on and we offer our apologies for any distress caused if this occurs.


Gab Titui Cultural Centre

Maiem. Sew Ngapa. Welcome

Gab Titui Cultural Centre is proud to present our online Gallery Shop dedicated to Indigenous Artists of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area

Featured Artists

Rosie Ware

Rosie Ware is a self-taught, award winning textile artist, designer and printer based on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.  

She has participated in group art exhibitions nationally and internationally.  Her artwork also adorns the walls of private collections throughout Australia and abroad.

Rosie prints on quality silks, satins, cotton and linen fabrics.  Her work has even featured on an Australia Post self-stamped envelope as part of the Torres Strait Collection of Art and Artefacts.

Rosie's vibrant art is a reflection of her colurful personality. Constantly inspired by her surroundings, Rosie's artwork feature cultural, historical and marine motifs.

Rosie shares her works on her very own website at

Anthony Pilot

Anthony 'Gesa' Pilot specialises in lino block carving and printing. 

Encouraged by Alick Tipoti and the late Nino Sabatino to follow his own style and patterns, Gesa only started practicing art in 2007.

With no formal training, he has honed his craft through observing other artists and the environment.

Gesa loves to share his gift with others and regularly conducts popular school holiday workshops and artist demonstrations for cruise ship visitors at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre.

From the Saisarem tribe of Erub, Gesa draws his inspiration from the sea with hunting, diving and fishing themes portrayed in his artwork.

Angela Torenbeek

Angela Torenbeek, affectionately known as Mahnah, is a cultural practitioner from St Pauls, Moa Island with a passion and flair for weaving.  

Mahnah learned to weave with coconut fibres by sitting at her mother's side, watching and copying her every move.  As a young girl she would weave balls for school sports and her own baskets for fishing.

Nowadays Mahnah still weaves with natural fibres and also utilises contemporary materials such as ghost net.  Through her art, she raises awareness of the damaging impact of ghost nets to the fragile marine environment of the Torres Strait.  

Manah's work has been exhibited in galleries and institutions including Parliament Houses in Canberra and Wellington, and the British Museum.

Sugu (Octopus)  |   Alick Tipoti 



Beautiful and interesting!

Sandy Castestino, Summit Canada

We love our artwork from the Gab Titui! Such a broad range of ceramics, sculptures, paintings and lino prints. Too many to choose from.  It's a beautiful space with the history of the Torres Strait reflected.

Dom & Dr Ineke, Thursday Island

Such a calming and inspirational space!

Minaira Fifita, Tonga


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