Goeynaw Isua

Proud Saibailaig and avid cultural practitioner Goeynaw Isua is a natural entertainer.  Her traditional kaikai demonstrations at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre are part instructional, part comic relief.  Both Elders and children enjoy her humorous interactive demonstrations and most importantly, sampling the end product.  Goeynaw has even presented kaikai demonstrations online as part of Gab Titui’s digital content for the 2020 Indigenous Art Fairs.

A fluent Kalaw Kawaw Ya speaker, Goeynaw has delivered Indigenous Literacy Day events for students that have included storytelling, traditional string games (wamiw sagul) and traditional songs.

Goeynaw’s totem is the Koedal (crocodile) and the Sager Gub (south east wind) guides her.  Goeynaw credits her late father Carolus and late mother Keru with instilling pride for her homeland of Saibai and maintaining its cultural practices.